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Fall Duets

Marshall and I played together for the first time in over a year last month in his practice room. Later I edited the session into several pieces employing some overdubbing. Some physical copies will be floating around soon for those who want the feel of a real object.

cover 1 final

Listen and download for free from Bandcamp  here.

cover 2 final


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Here is a sample of our music recorded recently at Rhizome DC…no audience present.

collage cd

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Another Last Gasp

I had been pondering what to do with my Soundcloud tracks when the following news came out on July 6, 2017.

“The situation at SoundCloud is quickly deteriorating, with bankruptcy potentially next. Company CEO Alex Ljung has just announced the layoff of 173 employees. Offices in San Francisco and London will be shutting down immediately. Amidst a bevy of possible buyouts, SoundCloud’s financial system is heading towards implosion. Effective immediately, all operations will be shifting to Berlin and New York.”

I thought to create a snapshot of my 14 most recent tracks on Soundcloud before it was too late. These tracks range from 10 days to 3 years old. Some have been released before but most have not. Listen here.

My use of Soundcloud has been to post works in progress or short examples of my current sonic investigations solo and with others. These are more for my own use than to release as finished products for consumption. Few people have heard them anyway. This compilation is a snapshot in time, nothing else.

back cover final v3

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Preparing Preparations for Cello


The visual layout of any objects to be used is an important consideration in my musical performances. Some objects may not be touched during the performance but will play a part in the composition by their presence alone.

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String Trio

I have been fascinated by the free improvised acoustic string trio format in the last two years. This is surely related to my love of the Lachenmann string quartets. Below is a list of my current favorites. I’m still looking to start/join a similar trio in Washington DC.

Bern                                    London                               Buenos Aires
Kimmig                                 Wachsmann                           Tierhs
Zimmerlin                            Guastalla                                Quinteros
Studer                                    Lash                                        Vazquez


NYC                                     Berlin                                   London
Mattrey                                Ellenbogen                            Blunt
Bordreuil                             Lin                                          Kallin
Ali                                         Goodwin                                Marshall

trio (2)


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Cello mit Sofa

My living room sofa provided an accompaniment to cello lines that float above in conversation with an imaginary house guest.

Gary Rouzer – cello, living room sofa

Photo – drawing for wall hanging by Anni Albers 1925

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