My Bio…

Gary Rouzer (amplified objects, cello, clarinet, field recordings) was born in Washington DC and works in the area between free improvisation and composition. His focus is on electro-acoustic sounds and the relation between musician and listener within the performance space while exploring noise, silence, texture, and abstract sound. He is an active member of the DC experimental music scene and has performed at Sonic Circuits, Electric Possible, Fringe Festival, Artomatic, and the Kennedy Center in addition to performances in Baltimore, NYC, Hamburg, and Berlin.

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” – Dorothy Parker

Amptext, my solo project, seeks to investigate the boundary between music/noise, sound/silence, and instrumental technique/gesture using cello, prepared bass, clarinet, amplified objects, record player, and field recordings. In performance the music is presented as live collage and combines scored actions with improvised composition.

“My art is about just paying attention.” – Robert Rauschenberg

Language cannot describe music anymore than it can describe the taste of food. I am an improvising and composing musician that works in noise, minimalist textures, and Free Jazz interplay. My current approach utilizes extended techniques, effects and preparations as ways to extend the vocabulary of the cello and bass. Also I have begun experimenting with text and vocals as live sounds and as recorded cassette tapes. This follows my love of languages and words/sounds which had remained separate from my music until now. I also work with analog electronics, contact mics, field recordings, and found objects.



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