Free Downloads

Here are some recordings that I’m a part of that can be downloaded for free!
I wish to thank the specific (net labels) for making this possible.

fundstückefundstücke live – (zeromoon)
gunnar lettow – präparierter e-bass, electronics
gary rouzer- prepared bass, amplified objects

amptextstill life in silent rooms – (zeromoon)
gary rouzer – field recordings, cello, objects

nine_strings_triothe sounding table – (music is a big place)

daniel barbiero – double bass
jimmy ghaphery – alto sax, wood flutes
gary rouzer – amplified textures, electric bass

barbiero/rouzer/videllindigo over red on grey – (electronic musik)

daniel barbiero – prepared & unprepared double bass
gary rouzer – amplified textures, field recordings
chris videll -sound sculpture, processing, mixing

daniel barbieromonuments seen through peripheral vision – (just not normal)

daniel barbiero – double bass, field recordings
gary rouzer – amplified objects and textures (on track 3, violet grey black on blue)
chris videll – percussion, objects, effects

third object orchestrafive movements for six string players – (zeromoon)

paolo vallodolid – viola
doug stailey – cello
daniel barbiero – double bass
gary rouzer – ns bass-cello, electronics, toys
doug kallmeyer – ns bass, electronics
t.a. zook – ns bass-cello atmospherico continuo

liquid friction assemblageuntitled 1 untitled 3 – (compost and height)

chris videll: percussion, objects, effects
keith sinzinger: keyboard, electronics, fender bass, brass objects
gary rouzer: amplified objects, prepared electric bass
daniel barbiero: double bass

gary rouzer (solo) – without hidden noise – (chameleon dish archives)

gary rouzer – ns bass cello, loops, effects, voice, fretless electric bass, field recordings

nine strings + pilesarnine strings + pilesar -(chameleon dish archives)

daniel barbiero – double bass, preparations, pizza
gary rouzer- NS bass cello, found objects, vox
pilesar – effects, live loops, post-production, percussion, vox


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