Here are a few reviews of various projects I’ve played on.

Still Life in Silent Rooms (2012) is reviewed here by David Nemeth on 06/24/12.
“Rouzer shows a good ear as he paces the listener through the tracks. There is a subtle energy Rouzer brings to the album that comes from his improvisational playing as well as his improvised editing techniques.”

Overlapping Gestures (2010) is reviewed here by Richard Pinnell 01/24/12.
“…odd metallic chiming and weird squelchy spluttering the most unusual, and it is this variety, coupled with some very nice uses of the cello to find ways to combine with such recordings that makes this disc work well for me.”

Amptext+Bass (2011) by Nine Strings is reviewed here by Ian Stewart 07/23/11.
“The cello playing is deft and scrapey, and the pieces include lots of silence. Nice.”


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